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January Month


‘Resonance 2023’ Project day for the Primary Department was conducted on 20.01.2023 between 9 am and 12 noon. Each class had a theme and all subjects were integrated into the theme to enhance complete learning. ‘Sound and its various forms’ by Grade 1. ‘The Evolution of Transport’ was portrayed through a skit, various displays, and songs by Grade 2. ‘The Aquatic World’ was presented by students of Grades 3. ‘The Five Elements of Nature’ by Grade 4 and ‘Lines and Angles in Everyday life were interconnected and presented through a puppet show, a skit, Power point presentations, and displays by Grade 5. ‘Villupaattu and Kadal valangal’ were gracefully demonstrated by the students in Tamil.


Murugappa Inter-School Quiz Competition

The Murugappa Inter-School Quiz Final round was conducted on the 6th of January 2023 at Sir RamaswamiMudaliar Higher Secondary School, Ambattur. 5 teams from the five sister schools participated in the quiz. Chehal of Class VI, Sivaram Natarajan of Class VII, Santhosh Kumara Kesari of Class VIII, Jai of Class IX, and Gitanjali of Class X, represented our school at this grand event. Regardless of the positions held at the end, all 5 teams were considered winners since they had already faced the semi-finals which was held on the 2nd of December 2022 and emerged winners. The questions asked and the rounds conducted were all really educational and informative, and the quiz master and mistress were brimming with energy which created a fun environment in the whole auditorium. The learning experience was amazing. The team had given its best, yet it couldn’t bag the trophy. Nevertheless, this has taught the students, that it is vital for them to accept bot h victories and setbacks with a smile in order to lead a healthy and adventurous life. The team is really thankful to the management for organizing such a brainstorming and enthusiastic event.

Murugappa Inter-School Quiz Competition Murugappa Inter-School Quiz Competition
Murugappa Inter-School Quiz Competition Murugappa Inter-School Quiz Competition