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September Month

Skills Builder Programme 2022-23 – Silver Award

Silver Award

TI School is a great example of a school that is fully committed to offering comprehensive essential skills education to its students. TI School has been part of Skills Builder Global Accelerator programme from 2021.Being a part of the Skills Builder Global Accelerator has allowed us to make it a more structured endeavour where we are encouraged to encompass all the essential skills and integrate those even in our academics, giving it a 360° approach.

Engaging in essential skill driven activities has firstly allowed the teachers to see the potential within every child of the class. The teachers have come to realise that each child is blessed with a different kind of skill set with essential skills that can be honed. Also, the step-wise break up of every essential skill that the Universal Framework provides has helped the teachers in guiding their learners to master those skill sets. In addition to that, the program has encouraged a lot of sharing of best practice across sections. With the skill-based activities now being a regular feature in our curriculum, we see our learners as better listeners who are able to articulate their thoughts with clarity and confidence.The Skills Builder team has offered continuous support, by constantly guiding us on how to use the tools and resources available on universal framework. We could take a lot of reference from the resources available and contextualise it for ourlearners. This program has encouraged both our team of teachers and our students toexpress,experience, experiment and create.Essential skills education is a strategic priority and the school will continue to work towards holistic education by further embedding the wide range of principles.

We are very happy that TI School has been awarded with Silver Award for embedding and imparting essential skills.

Silver Award Silver Award
Silver Award Silver Award
Silver Award Silver Award