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August Month

Career Guidance Program - Report

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."


Career guidance will not only help students perform better, but will also go a long way toward achieving one's goal in life. It allows the students to reflect on the knowledge, skills, and abilities they possess and allow them to map a career path aligned with their values.

A Career guidance program was conducted virtually for the students of class XII C (Commerce stream) by Lodestar, on 28th August 2021. The chief guest Mrs.Ramya, career guidance counselor of LODESTAR took over the dais and inspired all the young minds with a detailed discussion of opportunities and career options they can choose in the field of Commerce and Arts.

She advised the students to decide their career before choosing education. She presented various career options in the form of colorful flow charts to make it easier for students to interpret and analyse all the options and then choose the most suitable career decision for themselves. A few courses were suggested: PGD in Sports Management, BBA in Data analytics, IPM, B. Des, BCA and a few colleges like IIM Rohtak, NMIMS, Azim Premji University, Christ University, IIT Madras. The event created awareness and enriched knowledge among the students.

An open questioning session was held in the end to resolve all the queries in the minds of students. The entire session imparted knowledge to the students and was a beneficial session.


Career Orientation Program

On the 4th of August a session on career guidance was conducted by BODHI organization for students of class X. We learnt a very important mantra which would take us to heights...

"Each and Everyone in this World is Different and Unique people shine in their own ways"

But all these depends on the decisions which we take in our lives. We should develop our knowledge in the field of our interest. Then we start to work which eventually becomes our hobby. Thus , we enjoy living a pleasant life. We learnt these life hacks and the questions and their advises made us to think a lot, which in turn made us to think about our choices in life. To check on our abilities and interests, a test was conducted.



"WE VALUE PEOPLE FOR WHAT THEY ARE AND RELATE TO THEM WITH PASSION AND COMPASSION" is the theme of Bodhi. We were told not to get influenced by our parents, friends or anyone and choosing our career depended on our own interest completely. The test had 3 sections namely

  • Interest
  • Aptitude
  • Personality

And then we took up the test for nearly 3 hours


This session was conducted on 28.08.2021. Through this organization's guidance we were able to get an idea of our passionate career. We learnt that we should first identify our destiny and then our course and finally our job. They helped us to understand and how to interpret the CST report The report is prepared on the basis of 4 key factors which are necessary for our career identification and, they are

  • Interest
  • Internal Motivators
  • Aptitude
  • Personality

Through this CST report we were able to find our abilities and areas for improvement. We were able to find the right way for choosing our career, it helped us to build confidence in ourselves and motivated us for our future.