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August Month

Google CS First Workshop

Google CS First Workshop Google CS First Workshop

CS First, an Educational webinar was organised by Google India on 10th December 2021. Ms. Shivani Agarwal from Google India, anchored the programme online through Google meet. CS First is the curriculum developed by teaching professionals and google. It is a self paced learning on scratch programming with videos wherever needed to guide students during the process. The webinar was attended by Ms. Uma, Ms. Durgadevi and Ms. Sivasankari of Computer Science Department.

A video show on Google maps to find public toilets in Clean India, highlights improvement in technology, creativity and innovation helps people in their day to day life.

A video show on the innovations by Gitanjali Rao using nano carbon technology to detect lead in water was displayed to highlight the passion and potential of a teenager

Google CS First Workshop Google CS First Workshop

There are quite a lot of activities with similar patterns. A demo on a sample project using Scratch was shared by Ms. Shivani. E-certificates were given on completion of project.

Google is providing a platform for students to take up hands on experience through self paced learning on coding using scratch to develop their creativity , logical thinking and passion for coding. Computer Science is a field to build the creativity and passion of students. This would surely be beneficial for the students.