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September Month

Skills Builder Global Accelerator- Training Session 1

On Wednesday 15th September 2021 the first Skills Leader training session of the year was conducted by James Prideaux, Lead Associate for International. The training session was attended by Mrs. Ambili Unnikrishnan, PGT English, the Skills Leader. The session was the training for the Skills Leader to be best prepared for the next steps of the programme and the upcoming Strategy Meeting with the Skills Leader and a member of the School Leadership Team.

The following were discussed during the session:

  • The Skills Builder Partnership works with schools and colleges to ensure that every child and young person builds the essential skills that they need to succeed. The Skills Builder Award works to recognise this sort of excellent practice.
  • The essential skills are: Listening, Speaking, Problem Solving, Creativity, Staying Positive , Aiming High, Leadership, Team work
  • Schools and colleges who are building essential skills effectively follow six Principles:
    • Keep it simple: Focus on a simple, consistent set of essential skills covering interpersonal skills, self-management skills, communication skills, and creative problem solving. Make these skills as tangible and objective as possible.
    • Start early and keep going: See these skills as supporting learning and students' wider development, and as something to be sustained rather than being built as a quick fix at the point of entering employment.
    • Measure it: Take care to really understand the existing strengths and development needs of the students in relation to essential skills. Track progress over time, to keep every student on track for success.
    • Focus tightly: Use the prior understanding of students' essential skills to focus on the next steps. This includes explicit and direct instruction on essential skills - not just hoping that they get picked up along the way.
    • Keep practising: Reinforce these essential skills in other parts of the curriculum and beyond it, including by linking up with other impact organisations with programmes that can support the learners.
    • Bring it to life: Make the essential skills real by bringing the working world into the classroom, and showing learners how these skills are useful across their lives. This boosts the transferability beyond education.
  • The Skills Builder Award is achieved by schools and colleges who are demonstrating best practice through the embedding of the Skills Builder Principles.
  • There are three levels of Skills Builder Award: Bronze Award, Silver and Gold.
  • Decisions about Skills Builder Awards are guided by the Skills Builder Principles Matrix. This rubric provides a framework against which schools and colleges can reflect on their practice in this area.
  • Over the year, the school will have opportunities to reflect on progress and make plans with the support of the Education Associate to work towards achieving the Award. Initially, the first Skills Leader Training Day will support with creating an action plan for the school, which will then be confirmed in the first Strategy Meeting, including a member of the school senior leadership team. These goals will be shared with teachers in the first Teacher Training Session.
  • First Strategy Meeting, including a member of the school senior leadership team- October 8, 2021(1.30 p.m. - 2.30 p.m.)
  • First Teacher Training Session- October 13, 2021(2.30 p.m. - 3.45 p.m.)

Augmented Reality Workshop

In this online world, new and emerging technologies challenge the traditional process of teaching and learning. With Augmented Reality, classroom education can be extraordinary and more interactive as AR enables us show virtual examples of concepts and add gaming elements to provide in-depth learning for our students.

To realize and overcome these challenges a workshop in Augmented Reality was organized on 11th September 2021 for teacher of classes KG to XII in two sessions. Mr. Prashant, a freelancer of game designing and duly appointed as Junior gameplay programmer at Weloadin Studios was the resource person.

The session commenced with an exposure to teachers experiencing the virtual world using the website hubs.mozilla.com. The objects and the virtual world was designed by Mr. Prashanth in order to give hands-on experience to our teachers. He then introduced the technologies 'Virtual Reality', 'Augmented Reality' and 'Mixed Reality' through appropriate examples. He further moved on to explain the hardware required for each technology.

Technology Details Hardware requirement
Virtual Reality Individuals becoming a character in the virtual world Head mounted set with gaming computer / laptop (with high configuration)
Augmented Reality 3D objects are projected in real world to view using gadgets Smartphones / Tablets
Mixed Reality 3D objects are viewed through special head mounted device and the user can interact with 3D objects Microsoft Hololens (Head mounted set) with gaming computer / laptop (with high configuration)

In order to help teachers use Augmented Reality in education, the resource alongside the teachers of CS department guided them to install, use and experience the following applications.

  • Assemblr Edu - AR application
  • 3D Bear - AR application
  • Sketchfab - Website for importing 3D models in AR applications

He also highlighted the importance of looking into the privacy settings and limitations of using AR and VR applications such as Human Anatomy and Kaviargate.

Augmented Reality Workshop Augmented Reality Workshop
Augmented Reality Workshop Augmented Reality Workshop
Augmented Reality Workshop Augmented Reality Workshop
Augmented Reality Workshop Augmented Reality Workshop