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School Teachers’ Workshop - Enviro-2023

“Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites” -William Ruckelshaus

The Enviro2023, environmental awareness Workshop for School Teachers was organized by the Industrial Waste Management Association (IWMA) & Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) on 30-07-2023 at IC&SR auditorium IIT (Madras). Mr. S.Karthick from the Department of Science attended the workshop that aimed to equip teachers with the knowledge and tools to integrate environmental awareness into their classrooms, empower them to become environmental leaders within their schools, and encourage them to promote sustainable practices among their students and school communities. The workshop began with an overview of current environmental challenges, including industrial waste pollution, climate change, and depletion of natural resources. Dr. S Sankar Msc,PhD. Head Environmental Engineering department Ramachandra Institute of higher education and Research briefed on the topics. Teachers were encouraged to share their perspectives and experiences related to these issues. A detailed session on industrial waste management was conducted by Dr. Singravelan professor in Saveetha engineering college focusing on the responsible handling, treatment, and disposal of waste generated by industries. Examples of best practices and success stories were shared to inspire teachers to advocate for sustainable industrial processes. Small group discussions were held to brainstorm ideas for integrating environmental themes into the school's curriculum. Teachers collaborated to create action plans and initiatives for promoting sustainability within their schools. The Industrial Waste Management Association extends heartfelt gratitude to all the teachers who participated in the workshop. Their dedication to environmental education and their commitment to making a difference in the lives of their students is commendable.

Environmental Awareness Workshop