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October Month

KRUU- Project led learning Teacher training program- Teaching for the 21st century Tech and Stem in the 21st century

The teacher training program was conducted by KRUU. The agenda covered on the first day was Tech and Stem in the 21st century. The meeting started with a video explaining KRUU’s objectives and their activities to enhance teaching learning practices. Mr.Anil Srinivasan welcomed the teachers and briefed about the teacher training programme. The highlight of this initiative is that world class professors are invited to train teachers and students. About 1000 teachers participated in the programme. The session began with an inspirational speech by Prof. Ashwin Mahalingam, a reputed Civil Engineering professor of IIT Madras.

His empowering speech focused on how to identify the early signs of a student becoming an engineer. This is very important because nowadays many students are forced to take up engineering. He elucidated engineering is not the “be all and end all” of everything.

The important qualities to look out for is the problem solving capabilities, thinking out of the box while dealing with unfamiliar concept scenarios. He also explained how analytical skills are important for an engineer to deal with real life situations. Prof. Ashwin discussed the positive changes that project based learning would bring about to enhance the thinking skills of students.

Mr. Anil requested to suggest the ways in which teachers could bring about changes in the usual classroom activity, for which Prof. Ashwin replied that more puzzles, presentations, and quizzes are the need of the hour.

The next session was graced by Mr.VenkyDatla, an important member of the Creya group. He gave an excellent lecture on practical skills that can be taught to students. A video was screened which stressed on the fact that sharing of ideas and knowledge benefits all. Mr.Venky further explained how all the skills of a student must be encouraged and improved irrespective of their career path.

The session concluded with quiz questions. We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Management, Principal and the Section heads for allowing us to be a part of such wonderful programs.


"You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you." — Dan Millman

New Oxford Advantage organized an online training session on 16/06/2023 by Ms. Prasidha Shreedhran an Educator, Corporate trainer, Understands Human Psychology gave deep insights on how to handle behavioral challenges.

The session began with a simple activity to identify some students who were the most emotionally challenged, so that as they moved through the topics they could relate and adapt to the methodologies accordingly which was helpful to be along with the discussions.

The presentation started with Common Types of behavioral challenges that affected the teaching learning process which were the causes for the student’s misbehavior and understanding misbehavior. To understand misbehavior we need to understand that behavior is a kind of communication that the student wants to convey and we need to look into behavior as symptom, communication, their function and their patterns.

Tools, techniques and methods to interact with students personally with emotional issues through a personal response plan were shared. Also points on how to keep classroom organized, engaging, informative, inclusive and entertaining which would help Teaching learning process joyful.

The entire session was interactive, solution oriented and can be easily adapted for the students as a group yet works student centric.


Teacher Empowerment Program

Teacher Empowerment Program was held on 20.09.2023 with 19 participant s.

Mr. Ravisankar (SRM School) and Sharda (AMM School) were the two efficient and trained resources for session 3 & 4 ‘Differentiated Instructions’ was the topic for the forenoon session, led by Mr. Ravisankar. The session focused on the meaning and purpose of Differentiated Instructions. The reasons for dropouts in school were discussed. The different methods of differentiated instructions like usage of a graphic organizer, venn diagram, jigsaw were discussed along with activities.

Pictures of the morning session:

TeacherEmpowerProgram TeacherEmpowerProgram

The afternoon session was handled by Ms. Sharada who discussed the concept of ‘Empathy’. The following points were discussed during the session.

  • Empathy means the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.
  • Sharing of what is your greatest fear was done by each teacher.
  • Types of Empathy was discussed:
    • Cognitive Empathy: the ability to understand another person's thoughts and feelings.
    • Emotional Empathy: the ability to share and feel another person's emotions.
    • Compassionate Empathy: the ability to care for and help another person who is suffering.

Participants were engaged in various activities like rapid-fire round, watching video clipping and role play which added flavor to the session to revisit oneself.

Pictures of the afternoon session:

TeacherEmpowerProgram TeacherEmpowerProgram