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October Month

Theatre and Literary Club Activity

Theatre and Literary club activity was held on 30.10.2021 (Saturday) from 9.00am to 10.00am virtually through Microsoft Teams, for classes VI – IX. It was a lively day filled with energy and zeal.

The day's activity began with the prayer song. Text Sparkle activity was introduced by Ms.Bagiya Lakshmi, the teacher in-charge of the Theatre club. A poem was screened, and the students had to understand and select a line from the poem to be enacted. The other student members identified the poetic line portrayed through facial expressions and gestures. Students took turns and completed the activity with great excitement.

This activity helped students understand the old-aged proverb 'action speaks louder than words' and also gained self-confidence with wonderful facial expression.

Mrs.Yolanda Mcpherson, teacher in-charge of the literary club conducted the activity 'Three Corner Debate'. A brief introduction about the activity was shared. 'BACK TO SCHOOL TOMORROW' was the topic chosen for discussion. Students were given an opportunity to choose one of the corners –'Agree', 'Disagree' and 'Not Sure' and share their opinions based on their choice. Students put forth relevant and adequate points to support their views.

The activity provided an exposure for the students to develop their speaking and decision making skills. The activity helped students gain confidence to express their point of views without any inhibition.

- Mrs. Yolanda Mcpherson

Theatre and Literary Club Activity Theatre and Literary Club Activity

My Research Report

'My Research Report' competition was conducted virtually for classes VII and VIII on 30th October, 2021 through Microsoft Teams. Mrs. Santha Rugmani, Mrs. Nirmala S and Mrs. K.V.Lakshmi were the teachers in-charge for the activity. A total of 12 students participated actively in presenting their research report on the topics Impact of Covid-19 on animals, Solar Power Plant and Bio-mimicry in architecture. Mrs. Usha Gopinath and Mrs.Priyalatha were the observers and judged the participants based on research objective, clarity in the content, collection and analysis of data, presentation and conclusion.

The observers appreciated the participants' effort in presenting their work in an organised manner and shared their valuable feedback. They felt it was a great opportunity for students to learn more about subject and improve their knowledge.

The participants shared their experiences and learning through this activity.

My Research Report

"I Can"- Confidence Building Programme

"As long as you look for someone else to validate who you are by seeking their approval, you are setting yourself up for disaster. You have to be whole and complete in yourself. No one can give you that. You have to know who you are – what others say is irrelevant."
- Nic Sheff

An interactive program "I Can" was conducted by Global Adjustments Foundation for the students of 11th grade on the 23rd Oct 2021. Self-esteem is something teenagers lack either by comments by peers or by not believing in themselves. Being in the most important years of life, students need to choose the path they are going to pursue for the rest of their lives. Self-esteem and confidence are the two qualities which students must possess to know what is best for them and continue their studies. "I Can" was a confidence building program to improve the self-esteem and confidence of the students. The program was based on what the students Can do instead of the Cannot and what they would like to be known for later in their life. It was about the type of person they want to be in the future and the personality traits they would want to imbibe in the future.

The interactive session had questionnaires to which students enthusiastically answered and pondered upon. The session got the students thinking about aspects which they have not normally thought of before. The session helped to lead the young minds to acquire a lot of information and learning. The next two sessions would lead the students to find ways to think about what they can achieve in their lives with confidence and self-esteem.

Math Quiz

The department of Mathematics organized a math quiz for the students of class 11 and 12.The preliminary rounds of the quiz was conducted at two levels . The students who qualified themselves in both the rounds were grouped into 6 teams for the final round. Mrs. Bhagirathi Krishna Kumar M.Sc., B.Ed. (Mathematics) consented to be the chief guest and the students of class 11, class 12 and teachers and parents were invited to be a part of the quiz.

The final quiz session commenced with the prayer and welcome address. The math quiz was conducted in 7 rounds which included the jumbled word round, visual round, connectomatics, counter example, guess who round, match stick puzzle and rapid fire questions.

There were 30 student participants who were a part of 6 teams and named as algebra, arithmetic, calculus, geometry, probability and trigonometry. There were 10 presenters including a student compere, a student quiz master and teacher quiz masters for the quiz. The quiz included questions for audience in each round.

There was enthusiastic participation of the team members and the audience in the 7 rounds of the quiz.

The chief guest thanked our Principal and the management for creating such opportunities for the students to explore mathematics. The importance of mathematics as a subject that encourages logical reasoning and mental rigor was well brought in by the chief guest.

The session concluded with the announcement of the results. The students were motivated that the scores were mere numbers and participation is more important than winning. Mrs. Mary discussed the 4 steps that lead to success. Mrs.Rama delivered the vote of thanks.

Math Quiz

Film Club Screening

The video clippings "BALANCING" and "THE OLD MAN AND HIS GRAND SON" were screened to the students of class VI - VIII with 77 attendees through MS Teams between 9.00 a.m. and 9.45 a.m. by Mrs. Usha. After watching the clippings, the students were engaged in a discussion. The following points were discussed by the students:


Think differently
Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision.
Hard work never fails
Face the problem with confidence


Respect elders
Take care of grand parents
Treat everyone equally

Feedback from children through chat

Feedback Feedback


The grandparent story telling session was conducted on 6TH, 7TH & 8TH October 2021 through Microsoft Teams. 25 Grandparents took part in the story telling session.

Grandparents were happy to share value-based stories. Children interacted with grandparents by sharing their views about the story narrated.

LKG-A: Grandmother of Raashika, Grandmother of Nithin raja & Kavin raja

LKG-B: Grandfather of Thanshika, Grandmother of Viviliano

LKG-C: Grandmother of Krithikumar, Grandfather of Saira Rahul, Grandfather of Monishree, Grandmother of Cenfrith Ivaann, Grandmother of Mithran, Grandmother of Kathirvel S

LKG-D: Grandmother of Arshiyaa, Grandmother of Lavik, Grandmother of Vijayakannathal, Grandmother of Tejasai

UKG-A: Grandmother of Dhiya, Grandmother of Saipranav

UKG-B: Grandmother of Pranav Adithya, Grandfather of Sai Disha, Grandmother of Shrinikha, Grandfather of Harshana

UKG-C: Grandmother of Miruthula, Grandparents of Sai Mithra, Grandmother of Varnika and Grandmother of Priam Sai

It was a day of joy and enthusiasm among the participants.